Narcs, the - missing in action

how many mgs do you take.. ive been on 300 for about two months and still got to take requip.. for rls.. does it take a long time to get into your system..

“Narcissistic supply” is their drug and they don't care who is pushing it, as long as it makes them feel good about themselves.

Women with a type P empathy disorder are what I consider the crème de la crème, the quintessential epitome of the feminine psychopathic form. A high-functioning high IQ sadist, not the hapless histrionic borderline typically associated with female psychopathy. No, this woman is an apex predator who only casually adorns the clothing of sheep whenever such a thing appears to be the optimal strategy. She is a woman who runs rings around men, giving even male type P’s a magnificent run for their money.

1. Explosive – The narcissist erupts like a volcano, attacks everyone around him, causes damage to objects or people, and is highly abusive.

In the same vein, members who confront their estranged children report that their children "screamed at them" or "used such foul language that I was shocked," but don't repeat anything their children said. The mother who wrote " A letter to... my estranged daughter " describes her daughter's voice as "A small, frightened whisper, which, though I knew it to be in your voice, didn't seem like you at all", but doesn't say what her daughter whispered; the letter is marked by the complete absence of the daughter's words, even as reported speech.

I was just discarded by my N. I was living with him. Started dating in Dec. 2016, by the end of Feb., he was talking/texting he’s ex who lives out of state. No explanation, no closure. Just started ignoring me. He is also a functioning alcoholic. I’m 45. He’s 37. Very good-looking. I went to finish getting my things last wknd and he had his ex basically moving in and painting the living room (the project we were talking about doing together). I was shocked and horrified. (She’s in her early 20’s so an easy target/victim). What makes this worse is that he and I were hit by a car back in December. That is when he fell in love with me as he thought he was going to lose me. He’s ok. It took me 4 months to heal the trauma to my legs. A few weeks ago he said he needed to get away for a wknd and I supported his getaway and then found out he went to see the ex. Luckily I own my own house so I was able to move back. In the midst of moving out of his house, he has asked me twice to be friends and sleep with him. I said no. That’s when he turned the blame on me and said I was “catering” to the male roommate who also lives with him the whole time!!! I had gotten him a job just so he could pay my boyfriend rent!!! It’s just all so heart breaking and hurtful. The ex he’s back with even had the nerve to tell me as I was moving my things out that he told her that he never loved me. Haha, she’ll find out how great he is!! Good luck to anyone experiencing this. No contact is the only way.

Their priority is themselves and not on you whom they have hurt. Plus, you are expected to accept their apology since, in their minds, they have now done the “right” thing.

Well, Narcissists love the “honeymoon” stage where they can just have fun and not be responsible or accountable for anything. Nor do they have to deal with any REAL issues that are necessary to take the relationship to a deeper emotional level.

It must be added that all these activities have to be pursued legally, preferably through the good services of law offices and in broad daylight. If done in the wrong way – they might constitute extortion or blackmail, harassment and a host of other criminal offences.

Narcs, The - Missing In ActionNarcs, The - Missing In ActionNarcs, The - Missing In ActionNarcs, The - Missing In Action